Climate too is favorable to tourism in Tenerife. Dubbed the Island of Eternal Spring, Tenerife features winters with minimum temperatures dropping as low as 17 and 18°C, whereas in summer temperatures range around 30°C. The warm weather and the burning sun in Tenerife are ideal for sunbathing, for indulging in water sports or for simply enjoying the sea water.

However, one should always take into consideration the climatic features of the region they are heading for, since there are, indeed, consistent climatic differences between north and south, and between the lowland and the highland of Tenerife. For instance, the peaks of the mountains are covered with snow virtually all the year round.

The websites featured below provide information on the weather particularities during the current day, a 5-day weather forecast, details on humidity, windiness, pressure, visibility. Furthermore, a webcam is also available providing visitors with the possibility to check out the weather conditions on their own.

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