As compared to all the other Canary Islands, Tenerife is the most rewarding destination in terms of golf playing. There are some 10 notable golf clubs in Tenerife, so enthusiasts... Golf

Horse riding

There are plenty of unconventional manners of exploring Tenerife or, at least, parts of it. Horse riding is one of these means, and the joy one can experience on horseback... Horse riding


Tennis is a highly popular sport in Tenerife. There are plenty of tennis clubs and courts able to offer locals and tourists passionate about this sport the opportunity to carry... Tennis

Trekking and hiking

Trekking and hiking are utterly rewarding in Tenerife due to the fact nature on this island has been left unadulterated by the tourist boom. Most of Tenerife is a protected... Trekking and hiking


Cycling in Tenerife might prove to be just as rewarding as other less conventional means of exploring the island, such as horse riding or trekking. By riding a bike, tourists... Cycling


The Canary Islands have been ascertained as to their popularity in terms of water sports. However, air sports too count as top choice for people who want to spend an... Paragliding

Surfing and windsurfing

As a rule, the Canary Islands are ideal European destinations for surfing and windsurfing. This implies Tenerife too features excellent conditions for practicing the said sports. Indeed, the climate makes... Surfing and windsurfing


There are so many diving centers in Tenerife that the only thing that comes in mind is there has to be a reason why this industry is so thriving here.... Diving

Fishing and deep sea fishing

Given their geographical location, Tenerife in particular and all the other Canary Island in general benefit from excellent fishing conditions. Thus, the archipelago stretches on confluence of several routes used... Fishing and deep sea fishing


Sailing comes in many shapes in Tenerife. Tourists can either rent a boat and make their trips at their own pace or resort to specialized centers which organize boat trips.... Sailing

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