Teide National Park

There are plenty of reasons which recommend the Teide National Park as must-do once in Tenerife. The area has incurred the status of national park in 1954, as ascertainment of... Teide National Park

Malpais de Guimar

The Nature Reserve Malpais de Guimar is located in southeast Tenerife, in the municipality of Guimar. It stretches in a surface of 290 hectares, and it is overtopped by the... Malpais de Guimar

Rambla de Castro

Though nowadays declared a protected natural area, Rambla de Castro owes its existence to the initiative of a 16th century Portuguese farmer who was given the land and turned it... Rambla de Castro

Montana Roja

Usual visitors of Tenerife are highly likely to know about Montana Roja due to its proximity to two of the most popular beaches in south Tenerife, in the municipality of... Montana Roja

Los Gigantes Cliffs

Los Gigantes Cliffs are not a protected area and they can not even be classified as nature park. However, they are unmatchable in Tenerife by force of the spectacular scenery... Los Gigantes Cliffs

Corona Forestal Nature Park

The Teide National Park is, undoubtedly, the most famous nature attraction in Tenerife. Its appeal is enhanced by the Corona Forestal Nature Park, a forested belt surrounding the most prestigious... Corona Forestal Nature Park

Teno Rural Park

The Teno Rural Park is yet another protected area in Tenerife which complements the biological diversity and uniqueness of the island. Species pertaining to both the animal and the vegetal... Teno Rural Park

Anaga Rural Park

The seemingly endless biological richness of Tenerife is complemented by the presence of another protected area, that is, the Anaga Rural Park. With a surface of more than 14,000 hectares,... Anaga Rural Park

Granadilla Moonscape

Given its landlocked geographical position, Vilaflor might not be the ideal destination for people who believe vacations lacking beaches and weaves are far from complying with their concept of holiday.... Granadilla Moonscape

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