Most certainly, when travelling to different corners of the Earth, one can not and should not overlook the traditional culinary products of their destination of choice. In this respect, Tenerife will prove to be more than rewarding. Various types of fish cooked in unmatchable ways can not but amaze even the most exigent dainty feeders.

Traditional products and dishes

Papas arrugadas

One specialty of Canarian cuisine refers to the so-called papas arrugadas, consisting of small unpeeled potatoes boiled in salted water and, then, baked. They are accompanied by a pepper sauce and by sundry types of meat.


Mojo, the origins of which can be spotted in the Portuguese cuisine, is a highly spicy sauce. It is made of coriander, parsley, a lot of garlic and hot pepper (for the spicy mojo). Other optional ingredients to bring granulation and additional flavor to this sauce refer to almonds, cheese or toast. As a rule, mojo accompanies meat, fish or potato-based dishes.


Gofio, a sort of cereal bread, is one of the most popular products on the island. It is made of a cereal mix, which is then fried processed in sundry ways. This product can accompany soups, meat-based dishes and desserts alike.

Traditional cheeses

Canarian cuisine has always held in great respect the cheese production, and it has built a strong reputation due to its fine cheese products. Made of goat, sheep or cow milk, fresh, dried, cured or smoked, the cheeses produced in Tenerife classify in more than 75 types.

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