Botanical Garden

Also referred to as Jardin de Aclimatacion de La Orotava or, simply, El Botanico, the Botanical Garden of Tenerife is actually located in the municipality of Puerto de la Cruz.... Botanical Garden

Drago Park

Parque del Drago is the most impressive attraction in the municipality of Icod de los Vinos. The park is neither the largest nor the most diverse green spot in Tenerife,... Drago Park

Garcia Sanabria Park

Some refer to Parque Garcia Sanabria as to an outdoor art gallery. Others prefer to see in it a botanical garden. Others again consider it an excellent getaway or a... Garcia Sanabria Park

Loro Park

There are certain features which render Loro Park as an indisputable attraction in Puerto de la Cruz. To begin with, the Orchid Garden sheltered here is an all-tempting spot of... Loro Park

Tenerife Zoo

Tenerife Zoo is located in Arona, one of the most visited municipalities in Tenerife, and it neighbors upon two top resorts: Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos. The mission... Tenerife Zoo

Drago Butterfly House

Butterflies have always been a symbol of beauty and have inspired people with their elegant colors and dance-like fly. They are, at the same time, an embodiment of frailty, which... Drago Butterfly House

Oasis del Valle

Oasis del Valle is a genuine pastime option complemented by the opportunity of an instructive experience. The venue tries to cluster all that is specific and representative of Tenerife and... Oasis del Valle

Jungle Park

Sundry species of vultures, falcons and eagles yield the largest part of the avian assets of Jungle Park. However, the bird life in Jungle Park does not come down exclusively... Jungle Park

Sitio Litre

Sitio Litre is the oldest garden in Tenerife, and that feature alone could manage to draw the interest of tourists passionate about nature exploration. In addition, Alexander von Humboldt and... Sitio Litre

Siam Park

Siam Park stretches on an area of approximately 200,000 square meters. It is not a mere water park, as one might initially believe, though water entertainment is one of the... Siam Park

Aqualand Costa Adeje

First of all, Aqualand Costa Adeje benefits from the obviously excellent location in one of the most popular spots in Tenerife, as far as tourists are concerned. Secondly, it is... Aqualand Costa Adeje


This 20,000 square meters wide theme park is, as it were, a shortcut to getting to know Tenerife without actually exploring the island. Pueblochico is a miniature version of the... Pueblochico

Camel Park

The Camel Park is located between the village of Chafoya and the village La Camella, close to Los Cristianos. This is a special place where tourists can enjoy a camel... Camel Park

Bananera Jardines del Atlantico

Agriculture has always been a traditional activity in Tenerife, and banana production stood long as a consistent part of this way of life. Banana growing and production is still an... Bananera Jardines del Atlantico

Bioclimatic Village

Tenerife is in many ways a unique destination. However, a literally unique attraction on this island refers to the Bioclimatic Village, so far the single village of this kind in... Bioclimatic Village

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