Sundry species of vultures, falcons and eagles yield the largest part of the avian assets of Jungle Park. However, the bird life in Jungle Park does not come down exclusively to birds of prey, since jungles proper feature much more color and diversity. Thus, visitors will be able to admire flamingos, all sorts of parrots, swans, ibises and so on.

The most impressive species of felines are also sheltered at Jungle Park. Lions, tigers, jaguars, pumas and leopards open the array of mammals, connaturally complemented by sundry species of primates, hippopotamuses, reptiles, red panda bears, and, why not, penguins.

However, since sightseeing alone is less rewarding, the so called Jungle Raid is available to the visiting public. This is a circuit designed to lead visitors into a genuine adventure consisting of crossing the jungle by using all sorts of means: ropes, tunnels, bridges and so on. The company managing Jungle Park is the same which owns another attraction in south Tenerife, that is, Aqualand Costa Adeje.

Jungle Park
Urb. Las Aguilas del Teide, 38640, Arona, Tenerife, Spain
0034 922 729 010
0034 922 729 806
Opening hours:
daily: 10am to 5:30pm
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