Daytrips to Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro are the most recommendable from Tenerife. Tourists can also head for Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, but they should expect trips... Destinations

From Tenerife to Gran Canaria

Why visit Gran Canaria Diversity is what describes best Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is the third largest island of the archipelago, and it is an excellent spot for practicing... From Tenerife to Gran Canaria

From Tenerife to La Gomera

Why visit Isla de la Gomera La Gomera is one of the smallest islands in the Canary Archipelago, but daytrips from Tenerife are always worth making given both the... From Tenerife to La Gomera

From Tenerife to La Palma

Why visit La Palma Just like any of the other Canary Island, La Palma is of volcanic origin. The landscape in La Palma is replete with lava traces and... From Tenerife to La Palma

From Tenerife to El Hierro

Why visit El Hierro El Hierro used to be referred to as the Meridian Island, given the fact until the 15th century it stood out as the westernmost point... From Tenerife to El Hierro

From Tenerife to Fuerteventura

Why visit Fuerteventura Fuerteventura is, perhaps, the most solar of all the Canary Islands. This is a semi-desert island, it too of volcanic origin, but sunken in the blinding... From Tenerife to Fuerteventura

From Tenerife to Lanzarote

Why visit Lanzarote Birth place of Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote is a unique destination by force of the fact it was literally shaped by the ambition and talent of the... From Tenerife to Lanzarote

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