Why visit La Palma

Just like any of the other Canary Island, La Palma is of volcanic origin. The landscape in La Palma is replete with lava traces and other volcanic formations, which is why La Palma is great for hiking and trekking. In addition, the island is literally sunken in greenery, which is always a plus for nature lovers. The center of the island is marked by one huge impressive caldera which is indicative of the violent geological overturns which took place in time. Tourists should also take into account La Palma is the only island of the archipelago featuring volcanic activity. La Palma is also home to one worldwide unique lizard belied to have been extinct until it was rediscovered several years ago on this island.

How to get from Tenerife to La Palma

By sea

Trasmediterranea, Naviera Armas and Fred. Olsen alike provide trips to La Palma. Santa Cruz de La Palma is where the boats operated by these three sea line companies haul ashore in La Palma. Trasmediterranea vessels leave from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Fred. Olsen boats depart from Los Cristianos, whereas Naviera Armas vessels leave both from Los Cristianos and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

By air

In order to get from Tenerife to La Palma by air, tourists can take off from Los Rodeos or from Reina Sofia. The plains operated by Binter and Islas Airways land at La Palma Airport.

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