Why visit El Hierro

El Hierro used to be referred to as the Meridian Island, given the fact until the 15th century it stood out as the westernmost point of the Old World and, hence, it represented the very place from which time zones were counted west to east. This historic reference should be intriguing enough to draw the attention of those interested in such aspects. However, El Hierro is a place bristling with nature, a basis upon which a project of turning the island into a spot fueled completely by clean and renewable sources of energy was built. El Hierro is the smallest of all the Canary Islands, and one should expect tourist opportunities to be scarcer. However, El Hierro is ideal as daytrip destination from Tenerife, providing a stunning contrast with the hustle surrounding the major resorts in Tenerife.

How to get from Tenerife to El Hierro

By sea

Tourists who want to depart from Tenerife and head for El Hierro by sea must keep in mind all boats, regardless of operator, haul ashore in Valverde. Naviera Armas vessels leave from both Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Los Cristianos, whereas the boats operated by Fred. Olsen only start off in Los Cristianos.

By air

Of the two major inter-island flight operators, Binter is the one which should be resorted to. Their planes take off from Los Rodeos and Reina Sofia alike and land at El Hierro Airport.

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