La Orotava is one of the three largest municipalities in Tenerife, and it enjoys a central location, which means La Orotava neighbors upon most of the other municipalities in Tenerife. It is not a landlocked spot, but it stands out as one of the most spectacular destinations in Tenerife in terms of nature attractions. It is precisely by force of its location and dimensions that La Orotava is accessible from all the main entrance points in Tenerife: the two airports (Los Rodeos and Reina Sofia) and the two major ports (Santa Cruz and Los Cristianos). Administratively speaking, La Orotava pertains to the North Area of Tenerife.

Car rental is rather scarce in La Orotava, given the municipality lends itself to being explored by other means: trekking and hiking, cycling and, why not, horse riding. Thus, one can conclude land sports are ideal in this part of Tenerife. However, tourists accommodated in La Orotava can resort to car rental companies by going to the nearby Puerto de la Cruz and Los Realejos, which are replete with such opportunities.

The surroundings of La Orotava are great for rural tourism, with plenty of rusticated accommodation solutions in Los Realejos, Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Ursula, for instance. But mainstream accommodation solutions are yielded, for instance, by Hotel Botanico which, truth be said, is located in Puerto de la Cruz, but it counts, all the same, as luxury accommodation for people who want to explore La Orotava while enjoying the statute of guests of a notable 5-star hotel in Tenerife.

Puerto de la Cruz is, again, the source of nighttime buzz nearby La Orotava. In fact, Puerto de la Cruz is, next to Santa Cruz, where most of the nightlife in Tenerife reaches its ultimate heights. The proximity between La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz seems to be a fruitful state of affairs for both municipalities. However, shopping is full of character in La Orotava, though tourists in search of mainstream shopping thrills should be aware La Orotava is a hub of shopping occasions mostly for traditional items.

Los Patos is the most notable beach in La Orotava, and this is a highly recommendable sunbathing destination for nudists in particular. But El Bollullo is perfect for surfing, which is why this beach has built a reputation of excellent surfing site in north Tenerife.

Beaches aside, La Orotava is the one ultimate destination in Tenerife for passionate nature explorers. La Orotava is literally filled with nature attractions, being known the Teide National Park stretches virtually throughout this municipality. This park is undeniably the most notable objective in La Orotava. Of course, crossing the Corona Forestal Nature Park goes without saying for those who want to get to Teide, since this forested belt surrounds the most treasured volcanic area of Tenerife.

Nature attractions are complemented in La Orotava by various theme and leisure parks which capitalize either on nature or on anthropogenic potential. Thus, Oasis del Valle, Pueblochico and Bananera El Guanche should not be overlooked by tourists who want to explore La Orotava in its entirety. For even more extensive leisure opportunities, tourists should also visit the Botanical Garden, Loro Park and Sitio Litre located in the nearby Puerto de la Cruz.

Two museums are also worth mentioning: the Museum of Ibero-American Craftsmanship and the Ethnographic Museum of Pinolere. These two edifices provide an insight into the origins of the regional culture and or the relation between the Canary Islands and South America.

In La Orotava there is one tourist information office tourists can rely on if in search of useful information on the whereabouts of the most important attractions in the municipality.

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