Mesa del Mar (La Arena)

La Arena is a small quiet beach located nearby the village of Mesa del Mar, which is why it is often referred to by the name of the village. This volcanic beach is bordered by a promenade and it is highly family-oriented. It is famed for being accessible on foot, at the end of a small tunnel. It pertains to the municipality of Tacoronte. Tourists should not mistake it for the namesake La Arena, located nearby Puerto de Santiago, in Santiago del Teide.

El Bollullo

A surfers’ paradise in north Tenerife refers to the famed El Bollullo. El Bollullo does not necessarily excel in anthropogenic amenities or facilities, but it does strike by cleanliness and view. In addition, it is a favorite destination of enthusiast surfers, due to the strong waters bordering one side of the beach. El Bollulo pertains to the municipality of La Orotava.

Los Patos

Los Patos is a rather secluded beach in La Orotava. It measures about 1 kilometer in length, and it stand out by being one of the top choices nudists have in this part of Tenerife. Given the beach is not supervised by lifeguards, vacationers are warned against venturing into the sea.


Playa Jardin is one of the most complex beaches in Tenerife. It pertains to the municipality of Puerto de la Cruz, and it stretches on almost one kilometer. This is a semi-artificial beach formed as a result of a landscape design implemented under the direct supervision of the famed Cesar Manrique who intended to bring to its utter expression the natural potential of the stretch of sand bordering the coastline in Puerto de la Cruz. The beach has three sections, the latter of which has the finest sand tourists can enjoy while sunbathing. At the same time, it is one of the most endowed beaches in Tenerife with respect to anthropogenic facilities: bars, promenade, sun beds, plenty of entertainment facilities. Surfing and various other water sports are highly recommended here, but inexperienced swimmers should definitely keep from venturing into the sea.


Martianez is a small stretch bordering the namesake coastal complex which, just as Jardin, was designed by Cesar Manrique and his team of landscape designers. The main highlight of this complex refers to the Martianez Lake, an artificial lake filled with sea water. Other attractions and leisure opportunities can be spotted here and one might justifiably say both the beach and the complex stand out as one of the most popular objectives on the entire island of Tenerife.

El Socorro

El Socorro is one of the favorite destinations in Tenerife as far as surfers are concerned. This is a black volcanic beach washed by turbulent and constantly swelling waters, which is precisely what led to the forming of a genuine water sports community in El Socorro. Several amenities can be spotted on this beach (parking, restaurants, bars). The beach pertains to the municipality of Los Realejos.

San Marcos

San Marcos is located in the municipality of Icod de los Vinos. This is a shell-like stretch of volcanic sand which, due to its shape, is well sheltered against strong waters and winds. These features recommend San Marcos as a family-oriented beach. Indeed, swimming is much more relaxing here, since worries about possible unwanted events can be left aside.

Other notable beaches in the North Area

El Pris, El Pozo, El Caleton, Masca

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