Las Teresitas

This is a 1.5 kilometers long beach, located in San Andres and pertaining to the municipality of Santa Cruz. Actually, a 7-kilometer distance is interposed between the capital of Tenerife and Las Teresitas. Fishermen visit the beach frequently, and the picturesque dash of this partly artificial stretch of sand is complemented by several palm trees and by the band of breakwaters sheltering the beach against the turbulent oceanic waters.

El Roque

El Roque is a rather challenging venue. Inexperienced vacationers are warned against bathing in the turbulent waters washing El Roque. However, this feature creates excellent conditions for surfing, which is why the beach if often frequented by surfers. Another highlight of El Roque refers to the fact there are plenty of fish restaurants and coffee shops to animate the area. El Roque pertains to the municipality of Santa Cruz.

Las Gaviotas

Las Gaviotas in one of the most recommended nudist beaches in the municipality of Santa Cruz. Nudism is indeed encouraged in this area. Las Gaviotas neighbors upon Las Teresitas and another small beach, Chica.

San Juan

San Juan is a 220 meters long artificial beach. Given its location (a residential area in the municipality of San Cristobal de La Laguna), it is easily accessible. The presence of lifeguards enhances the pastime moments spent on this beach.

Other notable beaches in the Metropolitan Area

Almaciga, Benijos, Antequera, Chica, Arenal, La Barranquera, Los Callejones, Jover, La Nea

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